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READ THIS If You Ate Like an A$$hole This Weekend

If you ate like an a$$hole this weekend LISTEN UP. You don't need a detox, juice cleanse or pricey supplements. I don't care if you ate an entire pie, drank too much wine, have been in the same sweats since Friday, a mashed potato is the closest thing to a veggie you've had in a week or you watched all of Netflix this weekend. If you've been eating like an a$$hole, haven't worked out and feel like crap, here's what you're going to do:

I want you to take a deep breath and let any guilt or shame ya may be feeling go. Seriously Elsa that ISH right now.

2020 is NOT over yet.

You are NOT off track.

It's NOT too late to start again.

Here's EXACTLY what you need to do:

  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water 💦

  2. Eat a vegetable at every meal 🥦

  3. Move your body 💃

  4. Let your liver do its job 🤪

  5. Sign up for the Healthy Holiday Challenge so you don't spend the next 5 weeks of 2020 feeling low energy, eating like an a$$hole and not moving your body.

I know you've tried other fitness programs & I know you've probably tried every diet, detox & cleanse out there. YOU DON'T NEED A DETOX and those cleanses are just going to make you sh!t your pants.

Here's FIVE reasons why Gem Fitness & The Healthy Holiday Challenge are the BEST thing for you RIGHT NOW.

1. Community: I know you, your kids, your pets, I care if you come to class. I personally message you if ya miss to make sure you’re ok. I give a f*ck about YOU.

2. Accountability: does your bike message you when you haven’t used it in a while? Does it say hey stop eating like an a$$hole and come to class?

3. Nutrition: We give you a simple & easy to follow meal plan and teach you how to make better choices but also live your life bc 🌮 with NO pricey supplements to buy

4. Not a DIET & not weight loss focused: we focus on your mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health FIRST. We give ya the tools to lose weight if ya want to, but this isn’t a weight loss only focused program.

5. Cost: Healthy Holidays Challenge is just $99 for 30 days of:

📺LIVE & Replay workouts($97 value)

🥗 a meal plan ($100 or more)

👩‍💻accountability from a coach ($100 or more per hour from me!)

👥weekly coaching calls & checkins (priceless)

🚴🏻‍♀️💊🥤no equipment or products to buy ($100s if not thousands $$saved)

Doors 🚪 close tonight. REGISTER HERE

Pelo, Beachbody, Arbonne, Herbalife & even your gym can’t/don’t do any of this.

That Pelo will set ya back a minimum of $2k plus the pricey membership each month. No meal plan or nutrition support, no accountability, no personalization.

A juice 🧃 cleanse /detox tea runs ya $60-90 a day/month and teaches ya nothing

Arbonne/Beachbody/Herba: $160-$300 in products alone with iffy at best accountability and no personalization of your fitness program if they even offer one.

Gyms are hit or miss right now with closures because of the virus. There’s no fear of us shutting down because we stream from our home to your home! and you don't need ANY equipment to get started.

You may have tried the rest, but you haven’t had the BEST.

We're one of the only virtual fitness studios with #bopofitness & body diverse fitness instructors. If you're tired of skinny bitches that have no clue what it's like to be in a larger body or to struggle with their weight telling you what to do, we've got you. I know first hand what it's like to yoyo diet, be overweight, be out of shape and struggle with daily tasks.

Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes. You have to make the change babe, I can't do this for you. Change requires action, and action starts with you. You can do this or you wouldn't still be reading this.




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