5 Signs You May Have *Shiny* Object Syndrome

Are you constantly trying new diets or new fitness programs but nothing ever seems to be working? Have you started & stopped multiple diet & fitness programs because they were too hard, too complicated or just too something?

Do you feel like nothing works no matter what you do?? Are you frustrated & tired of wasting money on false promises?

Well you may have *shiny* object syndrome. Here's 5 signs you may have shiny object syndrome & how to fix it!

  1. You switch programs (fitness/diet) every 1-2 months. I know it may seem like "forever" but 1-2 months is simply not enough time to see if something is working. On average it takes 3-6 months (or sometimes longer) to see a drastic change. Be patient.

  2. You've started and quit multiple programs 2 weeks in because they weren't working. tough love, but did you do the work? or quit because it was too hard? too complicated? too something? Not every program is the right fit, but 2 weeks is not enough time. And if you're not doing the workouts, checking in with your coach, following the 'diet' or taking care of your mental health, then of course it didn't work. Tough love, but it's not the program if you're not showing up.

  3. You're constantly looking for the next *thing*. First of all there is no "thing", no machine, diet, program or coach is a quick fix. The basics of not eating like an asshole, reducing stress, & finding joyful movement apply no matter what. Look just because Suzy in accounting did Keto doesn't mean you should start it.

  4. You're always learning... but not implementing. Do you download every freebie, attend every free webinar, read all the Instagram posts and consume all the tiktok vidoeos? Cool, but when was the last time you implement something you've learned for 3 days/ 3 months or even 3 years? I love learning, but there is a thing as too much info. Simple changes (more steps/more water etc) add up, don't discount them bc you're too busy debating which protein powder has the best macros.

  5. You don't feel you're seeing results *fast* enough. Your body isn't going to show up in 2 days like you ordered it off Shamzon Prime. This isn't Nascar either, who cares if Sharon dropped 70 pounds in a week, you're not Sharon! Stay in your lane and stay focused on you! You should be in this for the long game!

I've tried probably every diet & fitness program on the planet, and I can tell you from first hand experience and experience coaching women for 5+ years, we have all done, said or felt that this way. You're not alone, and it's ok to get distracted by shiny things. ( I can't even tell you how long it took me to write this post bc it's embarrassing!)

You can make changes to your health & wellness, it doesn't have to be "hard" and there are sustainable ways to improve your body composition if you choose. When the focus becomes long term health vs "fast" weight loss, the changes are going to be easier to stick to & easier to keep long term.

If you're more of a video person, watch this!

Have you suffered or are you suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome? What's something that didnt work for you but could have easily been a shiny object syndrome situation?



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