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5 Tips to Help You Actually Workout Today

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

How many times have you said, I'm going to workout this week, and then it never happened. Or said I'm definitely going to hit that spin class after work, but then a meeting ran late and you never made it? We've all been there, but if you're looking to actually get it done today (I've included a 10 minute Workout at the end) keep reading!

Whether you hit snooze too many times this morning, or just can't seem to get back into a routine after returning to the office, these 5 tips can help you fit a workout into the busiest of schedules. As someone who used to be a 911 dispatcher, working 50- 60 hours a week, while going to school part time, I can tell you it's not always easy and there are some days it just doesn't happen. With a little creativity, letting go of your pre-conceived notions of what a "workout" looks like and a lot of self accountability you can add more movement to your day.

Did you know that the BEST time to start a workout routine is often when you're busy? Because if you can manage it when you're busy, you're more likely to stick with it long term. So let's not waste any more time and get right into it

Tip #1 - Schedule that ish

If it's not in your calendar did it even happen? Tough love, if you put everything and every one in your calendar but don't schedule time for yourself, it's probably not happening. Do you really not have time? (this may be true for some of you!) OR are you not taking advantage of time that's already there.

Tip #2 - Hold yourself accountable

Having an accountability partner or hiring a coach is great as they can be an added motivation to actually get that workout in. Hot Take: Holding yourself accountable by scheduling your workouts and showing up to do them, is priceless. If you can learn how to set realistic goals (start with as little as 5 minutes), take action on your own and celebrate your wins you'll get so much farther. What do you value and what do you want to accomplish? Keep that why front and center of everything you do. The things you do today will help you build the tomorrow you want.

"Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want " – Ken Poirot

Tip #3 - Start with 5 minutes

You don't have to work out for an hour or two to reap the benefits of exercise. A quick 5 minute walk, yoga flow, stretch or bodyweight strength movement like pushups or squats can increase energy, boost serotonin and improve strength. Sure you might love to spend 2 hours in the gym everyday but if 5 minutes is what you have do 5 minutes.

Tip #4 - Replace "try" with "will"

"I'll try to get to the gym this week" is a weak proposition at best. Replace try with a very specific goal including day, time, place and activity. Example: "I will go to the gym on Monday at 6:30 am for 30 minutes and lift weights" or "I will do 10 squats every morning while brushing my teeth". That small language change can create a huge mindset shift.

Tip #5 - Reward Yourself

Set up a rewards system to help keep you engaged and motivated. Whether it's treating yourself to a new pair of socks, or going all out on a spa day, having goals and rewards in place can keep you going. I like to keep my why and my goals as the background on my phone. Every time I check off a milestone, like walking 50 miles, or finally hitting a deadlift pr I find a way to treat myself and set a new goal! Think of each workout as a dollar or two in your health savings account! The things you do today can improve your health for years to come.

You can and you will

Believing in yourself is the first step, taking action is the second. You are so worth it, because if you don't take care of your self, no one else is going to do it for you. Why not get started right now with this 10 minute Total Body Tabata workout. Do each exercise for 20 seconds, 4x, resting 10-20s in between. You'll be done before you know! Comment when you're done and let me know how it went.

Did you know I share a brand new workout almost weekly on my Pinterest? Pin this workout & give me a follow so you don't miss the next one!



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