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Don't Give Up Yet: 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Have you typed "How to stay motivated?" into google in the last few days? Or wondered how you can stay motivated when life keeps throwing you curve balls? We've all been there.

Did you know about 50% people give up on their New Years Resolutions by the 3rd week in January?? and over 80% give up by February 1st?? 😳

Maybe you made a BUNCH of resolutions or maybe you made none at all...chances are whatever "motivation" you had at the beginning of January is starting to fade. Motivation is *ALWAYS* there sometimes its higher to go to the gym and sometimes its higher to Netflix and chill.

How do you find the motivation to get off the couch or choose salad over fries? Keep reading for my top 5 Tips to Stay Motivated.

  1. Remember why you started: what is your why? Why is it important for you to reach your goal? Think about how you will feel when you accomplish it. Journal on it, meditate on it, write it down & put it somewhere you can see it every day.

  2. Just start: Go for a 5 minute walk, do a 5 minute workout, do some squats, pushups, jumping jacks, anything for a few minutes. If you want to stop after a few minutes that's OK! If you want to keep going (which I bet you will) then keep going.

  3. Have the salad AND the fries: If you want the fries, no amount of baked carrots or cauliflower tots will satisfy the craving. Eat something good for you, like a salad, and have a side of fries. Denying yourself the thing you REALLY want will just make you unhappy and want it more.

  4. Get an accountability COACH: Sure an accountability partner or friend is great, but what happens when they lose motivation? Will they still be there to motivate you? chances are no. If they fall off you're likely to lose your support as well. An accountability coach is there for you NO MATTER WHAT. It's literally their job aka my job. Let your friends be friends and get a coach that will support you, give you tough love and help you help yourself.

  5. Don't do it alone: Being a part of a community of women (&men) that have similar goals as you is PRICELESS! Struggling to find easy dinner ideas? need to vent about mom life? have questions about a class you want to try? Your FitFam is there to support ya!

It takes

two weeks to FEEL it

four weeks to SEE it

eight weeks to HEAR it

(image from pinterest -source unknown)

BOTTOM LINE: DON'T GIVE UP YET. The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. If you've been winging it the last 2 weeks, maybe it's time you wrote out a plan. For today, for tomorrow, for next week, for next month.

You're just getting started and if you need a little help, ask for it. It's here for you.



PS...if keto failed you before it won't work this time. And if it "worked" before but you gained the weight back, it didn't really work in the first place. #factsoverfeelings

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