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Strong for Summer: Lower Body Stretch

Rest & recovery are KEY to allow the body time to recover from hard workouts and are overlooked by so many! If you've hit a plateau, have extreme fatigue or have reduced performance it may be time to take a rest or recovery day! Click to JUMP to the stretches

Incorporate 1-2 days of complete rest or light walking, swimming, biking and or foam rolling, stretching & mobility work into your fitness routine.

Even I tend to neglect stretching from time to time, so I've been incorporating it into my cooldowns and I've seen such a difference in how I feel! Especially after really tough workouts I tend to have less overall soreness and less fatigue the next day.

If you've been meaning to do more stretching, this is your sign! Here's a couple of my favorite lower body stretches with an upper body sequence coming next week! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

download & print a copy

Download PDF • 4.83MB

You can also follow along with this YouTube video!

Be sure to stretch both sides & go at your own pace!!



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