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Say No to Detoxes, Cleanses, and Fasts & Do This Instead

It's that time of year again...

Your Facebook feed is full of 3-day detox kits, 30-day Wellness Cleanses, 10-day Juice Cleanses or 5-day fasting protocols promising you weight loss and a "cleaner" body after a Halloween candy binge or to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Well, I hate to break it to ya, but these things are complete BS, hear me out.

Most of the time these detoxes include products like teas, shakes, pills, shots, etc that you must take in order to get the 'full' benefit. They also typically want you to restrict foods and food groups. You know the drill:

🚫no alcohol

🚫no sugar

🚫no carbs

🚫no eating after 7 pm

🚫no white vegetables

Not to mention the "it's only X number of days" and "it's not that hard" guilt shaming you into doing it.

SO...If someone approaches you about a detox that involves a product package or pricey supplement, I want you to politely tell them to Eff off. Your bank account alone will thank you.

Look we all indulge a little more this time of year, whether it's eating a few too many pieces of Halloween candy, baking more sweet treats, eating out or attending parties or having a 2nd piece of pie on Thanksgiving. There is nothing wrong with this!!

However, these heavier foods, colder weather, and often reduced activity can make you feel run down, bloated, or can lead to weight gain. This is normal as the seasons change! Our ancestors added a few pounds going into winter knowing that there would likely be a shortage of food. While most of us no longer have this problem a few extra pounds or reduced energy can still happen to some of us.

If you're tempted to do a cleanse/detox or fast OR are simply not feeling like yourself and want a "reset" try this instead:

You can also add these as a bonus!

✅Prioritize whole grains & lean proteins

✅Limit added sugars, alcohol, and processed foods

Now that doesn't seem so 'hard' does it?? In fact, I encourage my clients to prioritize these habits every day. As you can see there are no supplements, teas, pills, shakes, or shots needed!

You can speak with your doctor about adding a multivitamin, Vitamin D or B Vitamin complex to your routine (especially helpful if you're not able to spend a lot of time outdoors).

Sipping decaffeinated green or herbal tea and bone or vegetable broths are a great way to increase water intake in colder months! They'll also keep ya warm! 🍵

Instead of swinging from extreme (candy binge) to extreme (juice cleanse) work on finding balance. A piece or two of candy is not a big deal when you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Having an extra piece of pie on Thanksgiving is fine, as long as it doesn't turn into you eating like an asshole every day through Christmas.

Your health (and your bank account) will both be better off if you follow the above habits instead of buying into a quick fix, losing a few pounds, and then gaining back twice what you lost!

Btw, despite what some sexy ass marketing will tell you... THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!

Have questions? want me to look over a detox your considering? drop it in the comments or send me an email



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