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LAST CALL: Thanksgiving Tabata Workout

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! It's hard to believe the holidays are already upon us, and I don't know about you but I'm not feeling too stressed about it this year. Hubs and I came down with a cold after a mini-vacation last weekend so we're staying home this year and keeping things simple!

The holidays can bring up a lot of unwanted comments on your body, life,- and even food choices, so please remember these 3 things:

  • You don't owe anyone a conversation about your body, your food choices, or your life. A simple "I don't want to discuss that" followed by a "please tell me about your (job, family, garden, kids, or dog)" will usually suffice.

  • You don't have to earn or burn the food you eat tomorrow and you don't have to make everything "healthy" (especially pie haha) or count calories or skip dessert. You should probably drink some water though.

  • It's one meal and one day, what you do between New Years Day and Thanksgiving matters more than what you do between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. (read that again!)

Personally, I find that if I get in a walk or workout before a big day like Thanksgiving, I tend to be less stressed and have more energy. So if you're into that too, I am hosting a free LIVE workout tomorrow (Thursday, November 25th at 7:00a PST/ 10:00a EST) on Zoom! Registration closes tonight and space is limited.

Please register here:

If you're more of a drink coffee and eat cinnamon rolls in bed while watching the Macy's Day Parade or football type, you can follow along with me at any time on YouTube! Here's a no-equipment cardio workout I shared last year for Thanksgiving.

Have the best Thanksgiving day if you celebrate and if not have a great Thursday!! Be sure to check back on Friday for a round-up of my favorite fitness deals & a special offer on Booty Bootcamp Classes!



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