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Free Workout & Sneak Peek: Booty Bootcamp

Hi friends! Today I'm sharing a sneak peek into what taking a class with me is like! If you didn't' know in addition to offering 1 on 1 personal training & coaching, I also teach group fitness at Gem Fitness.

What is Booty Bootcamp? It's a 30 minute lower body & glute focused mix of high-intensity cardio & bodyweight strength training.

Who's it for? Literally anyone with a butt, and I'm guessing you have a booty haha

Do I need any special equipment? Just yourself! We incorporate mini loop resistance bands sometimes, but you'll get a great workout with or without it!

👆When I come up to the screen I'm giving form feedback and encouraging the women in the class.

Is it hard? Yes and no. I give you variations and modifications so that you can adjust it for how YOU"RE feeling that day. If you want to go hard, it's going to be hard. If you need to take it slow, that's cool with me!

How many people are there per class? We max class size at 20, which means I can see you (if you choose) and give you little modifications and adjustments as needed.

Is this a live class or is it pre-recorded? All of our classes are LIVE and INTERACTIVE. You'll get feedback in real time and know that you're doing it right!

When is it? Tuesday mornings at 6:30am PST/ 9:30 am EST and Thursday nights at 5:30p PST/8:30p EST.

How much is it? YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE! After that it's just $77/month for access to 14+ classes a week.

Gem Fitness offers everything from strength, to yoga, to barre, to Zumba, to kickboxing. AND... We're in the process of adding new classes! You can check out the full schedule here:

Here's a little taste of what a workout looks like:

Lower Body Blast


Hip circles 5x/leg, Bodyweight Squats 10x, Donkey Kicks 10x/leg


Side Shuffle 3x :30 AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Squat or Jump Squat 3 x 15

Reverse Lunge with High Knee 3 x 12/leg

Deadlift 3 x 15

Jump Squat 3 x 15

Skaters 3 x :20

Squat Thrusts 3 x 12

Clam Shells 3 x 12/leg

Fire Hydrant 3 x 12/leg

Plank Alternating Leg Lifts 3 x 10/leg

Try this sample workout or join me for a live Booty Bootcamp session! I know you'll love it!!

PS. I'm announcing something major on IG & Facebook Tomorrow so be sure to tune in!

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