August Arms & Abs Challenge

Let's finish the summer exactly how we started it, with another strength challenge! This one focuses on the upper body and arms and features 3 workouts per week, so you can sub in your own leg days or do cardio in between.

I'll be running this challenge in my app, normally reserved for my private clients only! If you've been thinking about working with me this is a great way to see if virtual fitness coaching is a good fit for you. Now let's break down the challenge:

What it is? a month-long fitness challenge to help strengthen & tone your upper body & abs from home (or the gym).

What you'll get: 3 upper body & abs workouts per week with access to my exclusive client app, with all workouts (including demo videos) available right on your smartphone! You'll be able to log reps & sets easily and keep track of your progress.

What do you need: an android or apple smartphone, a set of dumbbells, and a resistance band with handles plus a yoga mat. You can do these workouts at home or at the gym!

How much time will it require? Just 20-30 minutes 3 times per week!

What's the cost? it's just $20, and you're getting over $300 in value

What if I have questions? I'll be doing a weekly live q&a on TikTok and you can email me at any time. I'll respond within 48 hours.

This all sounds great, when do we start??

The challenge starts on August 3rd and registration closes on August 5th, don't delay register now! As a bonus, you'll be able to download & keep the workouts forever. (be advised app access ends September 5th at midnight unless you become a private client)


You'll get a calendar download right away and an email with an invite link to join the app within 24 hours. All workouts will be shared in the app, so be on the lookout for the Trainerize invite email. If you have any trouble after purchasing please contact my team at:

Grab a friend & let's build those arms & abs and finish the summer strong!



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