• Why do you need this snack guide, when you can google recipes for free? Plain and simple it's a TIME SAVER. I rounded up the BEST of the BEST healthy snack recipes, tested them, simplified them, and made them SO EASY that anyone can cook them.


    Seriously though no one wants or has time to wash 8 bowls or search out organic, free-range, sprouted goji berries from a shaman. Am I right?! 


    Most are one-bowl recipes, with minimal ingredients, because you don't need an air fryer or dehydrator or shaman blessed chia seeds to be healthy.  


    Don't have fresh strawberries? no problem, use frozen. Don't like peanut butter or have an allergy? sub almond or sunflower seed. 


    With over 50 recipes of secretly healthy snacks to satisfy any craving, I even organized it by craving! Want something crunchy? Flip to the crunchy section. Want something sweet? Cool, flip to the sweets and baked goods section. 


    Late-night munchies got you down? Put down the chips and spend a few minutes whipping up a batch of sweet chili chicken dip, roasted chickpeas, or unicorn popcorn! Wash it down with a Peach Basil Smash (you have to try this) or Pineapple Sunrise. 


    Do you have picky kids that refuse to eat anything green?  Sneak some extra veggies into your kids' diet with a monster smoothie or peanut butter cup smoothie. They'll have no problem eating fruit when it's dipped in cookie dough dip or peanut butter fruit dip. Veggies taste great in "the best" guac or french onion dip. Kids (& adults too) won't be able to say no to pb&j tacos or watermelon pizza. 


    Craving something sweet? Before you dive into a pint of ice cream, how about a batch of crispy rice treats or almond butter brownies? 


    These are the exact recipes I used to get back on track after indulging in too many chips, glasses of wine and baked goods during quarantine. Some of them I've been making for years and have taken to many a family function without anyone being wise to their health benefits! Others I whipped up to avoid chips and cookies, because the quarantine snacking was realllll. 


    This is the only snack guide you'll EVER need, PROMISE.  So stop wasting time searching pinterest and pinning recipes we both know you'll never make and download this guide! 

Shh It's Secretly Healthy Snack Guide