Your Last Piece of Fitness Equipment

If I had to pick only ONE piece of exercise equipment to use for the rest of time it would be...DRUM ROLLLLL PLEASE 🥁

A suspension trainer! Seriously. If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only take one piece of equipment with me it would be this. This could be the last piece of fitness equipment you'll ever need to buy.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of exercises you can do with them. The straps are super portable and can be used anywhere! You can secure a mount in your gym, home or garage, attach them to a door or even use them outside on a tree or pole!

uhhh what the heck is suspension training?

Suspension Training involves any bodyweight exercise performed while using straps, cords, rings, ropes, or chains suspended from a single or multiple vertical anchor points.


  1. Portable - they take up less space than a pair of shoes in your suitcase and can be attached to a door, pole, tree, post or ceiling/wall mount.

  2. Core engagement: say buh bye to boring old sit-ups, with a suspension trainer, every exercise you do engages your core!

  3. Functional training: humans were not meant to move just forward and backward. Suspension training allows for forward, backward, side to side and rotational (& anti-rotational) movements.

  4. Injury Prevention: the increased activation of stabilizer muscles around the core as well as other joints, such as the shoulder and hip, strengthens often under utilized muscles to help prevent injuries.

I've never tried suspension straps before? How do I know I'll like it?

I've used these with clients aged 21-85, all with differing mobility and abilities. EVERY single one was able to use them in multiple ways to benefit their unique needs, and I know you'll love them too.

Check out this FREE ST Total Body Workout I filmed for you 👇🏻

Now I bet you're wondering how to get one of these...without spending a fortune. Before you search how to buy and fall down the rabbit hole, let me let you in on some secret savings with my friend Sarah over at Gem Fitness.

You can buy one from Gem Fitness for only $55 (plus tax and S&H).

Here's the full deets:

1. When you order between now and Aug 31 you will save $15 on your straps. This is a one-time-only, exclusive offer as a HUGE thank you

               Regular price is only $69 (plus tax and S&H) (comparable quality straps have been price gauged over $150-200, so we are #WINNING lol) but you are #WINNINGMORE because with the pre-launch discount you are paying only $55 (plus tax and S&H)

2. Click HERE to complete your purchase

3. VERY IMPORTANT - we cannot give you an estimated shipping or delivery date just yet (because this is the pre-launch). As soon as our item is shipped, we will let you know. Pinky promise

4. We only have 100 units in the first shipment, which means we are going to sell out fast. Once we are sold out the above link will not allow you to complete your purchase, so if you are able to complete your purchase, we have enough inventory.

**Disclaimer: I do recommend trying these with proper instruction from a personal trainer or someone experienced in using them. You can watch a lot of YouTube videos for basic exercises like squats/lunges but anything where your feet are suspended (ie plank or tucks) please be sure you can manage the exercise without suspension first.

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