You Can MOVE in the Body You Have Right Now

TW: Weightloss

I see SO many posts on social media along the lines of I'll run a marathon after I lose weight or I'll start exercising once I lose the weight.

NEWSFLASH: You can move in the body you have right now. There are modifications for everything and even if you think you'll hate it or it will be harder, I'm here to tell you exercise can be hard at any size.

Weightloss will make your body smaller, it won't suddenly make you more athletic or make movement more enjoyable. Find movement that you love right now, and do it for reasons other than weight loss. Exercise increases endorphins, improves energy, can reduce stress and can be FUN!

Don't like to stand or can't stand? There are super fun and effective seated workouts!

Need pregnancy or post-baby modifications? NO sweat, I got you.

Need low impact options? There are so many and I'm not just talking about water aerobics!

Need accommodations for a larger belly, thick thighs or limited mobility? Those are available for you.

I've run a marathon and done an ironman at 200+ pounds! I've also run a half marathon at 180 pounds. Your weight is just a number and not a determinate of your athletic ability.

If gyms and studios intimidate you, you're not alone!! I for one have never felt completely comfortable in a gym or boutique fitness studio, yes even as a personal trainer. So what's a person to do?

My garage has just about everything a gym has!

You can either stop giving an eff & wear headphones, a hat, and go to the gym anyway OR workout where you're comfortable! For me, that's always been in my home or outside! I love nothing more than a hike, bike ride, or swim outside, fresh air & vitamin D does a body good!

Not into the great outdoors? Grab yourself a suspension trainer, set of adjustable dumbbells, and resistance bands and you'll have a fully functional home gym. The days of boring home workouts, aka watching beach body DVDs in your living room alone, are over! Home workouts have really stepped up their game in the panini. Don't believe me?

Between the bomb a$$ costumes, playlists, personal attention and feedback, not to mention the kick-butt workouts I provide, home fitness is anything but boring with me!

Want to try a class for yourself? Join me 5x a week at Gem Fitness, your first class is FREE

My biggest tip to finding movement you like is trying a bunch of different things! You don't have to spend hours on the elliptical or run to lose weight, improve health, or get moving.

What's your favorite way to move and why?!



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