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Workout Wednesday - Heavy Hitter

Are you a 5lb dumbbell kind of gal or do you love lifting heavy? It took me years to realize that heavy weights don't make you bulky! The girls with toned arms and sculpted legs are not messing around with only 3lb weights.

Next time you workout, try this low rep, high weight workout. Can't find a heavy weight? Try a bag of sand or a big rock, work with what you have! Garage sales and 2nd hand stores are a great place to pick up used weights on the cheap.

Warm Up: 5-10 minutes of cardio or a dynamic strength warmup

Instructions: Perform 4 sets of 5-6 reps of each exercise. Click exercise name for a demonstration video (opens in new window).

Did you know light weights with high reps are for building muscle endurance, and heavy weights with low reps are for building muscle size and strength. I recommend a mix of both with a few cardio sessions per week. Want a fully laid out plan that combines both? My new EIGHT week Body Confident Fitness Challenge gives you a mix of both every week with a meal plan to give you lasting results. Click here to grab your copy now and use code BRAVE to save $50 through 8/12.

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