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Workout Wednesday - CORE

Welcome to #workoutwednesday, a new series where I'll be posting a FREE workout 2-3 times per month. Part of my continued effort to make fitness more accessible to everyone. Here are FOUR Benefits of a Strong Core & a workout to help you get a stronger core!

1. Injury Prevention - all movement starts at the center of our body. I practice this breathing exercise from Girls Gone Strong with my clients all the time. I recommend it before every workout.

2. Protection - Your abdominals aren't just there to look good, they protect your inner organs and central nervous system.

3. Bye Bye Back Pain- When you engage your core during lifting, bending and twisting movements, you help protect your lower back.

4. Confidence - A strong core leads to better posture, and it's hard not to feel confident when you carry yourself well.

Repeat this core workout 3-5x after the connection breath exercise above.

15 Bicycles 15 Toe Touch Crunches 15 Side Plank Hip Dips, right 15 Side Plank Hip Dips, left 30 Mountain Climbers 20 Windshield Wipers

What's your favorite core exercise? Tell me below and I may feature it in a future workout!

Disclaimer: Consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program. If you experience pain, difficulty breathing or feel lightheaded or faint stop and consult your physician.