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Workout Wednesday - Cardio

Hey Cardio Queens, Briana here! Your one and only source into the scandalous life of an online personal trainer. This high intensity interval workout is a great way to mix up your run or stair master session. Hop off the tread for some squats between run intervals and you'll be running faster than Dan Humphrey going after Serena. Gossip Girl has been my guilty pleasure lately and IF I had to spend time on the tread, I'd probably be watching that!

Gossip Girl jokes aside though, this is a high intensity workout that can be done indoors or out and if you're already a runner this is a great workout to add to your lineup. The high knees, lunges, squats and skaters are all glute activators. Incorporating exercises like these mid run is helpful when you're short on time and want the effects of a longer run, without you know the longer run.

:30 high knees

:30 walking lunges

:30 Jump squats

:30 Skaters

2:00 walk/jog/run

:30 sprint

1 min easy jog/walk

Repeat 3-6x!

More advanced runners can add longer sprints if desired. Enjoy! You know you love me, XOXO, BOF