Workout Wednesday - Bodyweight Total Body

Think you have to have a bunch of equipment or go to a gym to get a great workout? Think again Susan! This beginner at-home total body workout takes about 25 minutes and can be done with ZERO equipment. So toss those excuses out the window with your keto coffee and let's get to work.

:30 Shadow Boxing, :15 Rest

:30 Squats, :15 Rest

:30 Jumping Jacks, :15 Rest

:30 Curtsy Lunge, right, :15 Rest

:30 Curtsy Lunge, left, :15 Rest

:30 High Knees, :15 Rest

:30 Wall Sit, :15 Rest

:30 Plank, :15 Rest

:30 Half Turkish Get Up, right, :15 Rest

:30 Half Turkish Get Up, left, :15 Rest

:30 Tricep Dips, :15 Rest

:30 Sit Ups, :15 Rest

Repeat 3x for best results! I love the app GymBoss for timers, as you can set work and rest periods. It's free on the App Store!

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