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Workout Wednesday: Battle Ropes

Flinging a bunch of rope around sounds easy enough right? I promise your whole body will be on fire after this 10 minute circuit.

Battle Ropes are the perfect accessory for a full body workout for beginners. They are more than just an aerobic tool or shoulder finisher. You can train for power, strength and aerobic capacity with ropes, just by varying your position and the rope. If you're scared to try them, fear not it's easier than you think.

The key to getting a good rope workout? Relax, engage your core and give it some slack. More slack = more force + more strength.

The most common exercise is the lateral wave, one that works your whole body and your brain by engaging all parts of the right & left hemisphere and engages the cognitive and limbic systems. Who know that a simple piece of rope could do just as much for your brain as your body?!

Start by watching the YouTube videos below to familiarize yourself with the motions of the rope and pay special attention to how the core is engaged as well as the position of the lower body.

Double-Arm Wave :30 seconds

Arm Circles :30 seconds

Single-Arm Wave Squat :30 seconds

Alternating Wave Reverse Lunge :30 seconds

Sidewinder :30 seconds

Rope Slam :30 seconds

Squat to Overhead Press :30 seconds Squat down and then stand and press

Lateral Shuffle with Alternating Wave :30 seconds

Have you tried battle ropes? Did you love them or hate them? Tell me why!