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What is Online Personal Training and How Does it Work?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I've been getting this question a LOT lately and thought I would answer a couple of questions related to the process.

Online Personal Training gives you the flexibility to take your personal trainer in your pocket with you ANYWHERE! If you travel a lot, have an insane work schedule or can't commit to meeting once a week it gives you unparalleled flexibility. My programs are delivered via a smart phone app, so as long as you have your phone you have your program. These days I take my phone EVERYWHERE so why wouldn't I want my trainer to go with me too?

How do I check your form? Or ensure that you're working hard? Well just because you're not in front of me doesn't mean I'm not there. I check in with my online clients several times a week, get alerts when you've completed a workout and adjust your program based on your progress and feedback.

Workouts are preloaded into your program weeks in advance, so if don't feel like leg day today, you can easily substitute and modify. The app features clear written instructions, and demonstration videos with sound, so you're never left wondering how to do something. There are so many exercises available from body weight squats to barbell, dumbbell, cable and machine exercises. You're able to log sets, reps and weights used, as well as make notes about fatigue/effort level for each workout. I use this data to adjust your program, modify and advance it as needed.

All of your program data is in one place, no more flipping back and forth between your ebook, then logging your sets, then opening messages to ask a question. The best part, there are built in timers and the app stays open the entire time you're using it.

Now that you have a bit more information on what Online Personal Training is and how it works, I want to know if you've ever tried it or would consider trying it?

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