Upper Body Strength Workout

I typically post a LOT of lower body workouts, because hello booty by Bri is kinda my thing lol. BUT you can't neglect your upper body! I see so many women afraid of lifting upper body because they don't want to get bulky.

A strong upper body makes things like carrying groceries, your kids, your shopping bags, suitcases etc so much easier! Ever been on a flight and had to ask someone to help you lift your 40lb suitcase into the overhead bin? Imagine being able to do that and more by yourself?!?

umm yes please! I love combining weight exercises with resistance band exercises for a better burn ( it's next level!) try this double circuit on your next upper body day!

Rep counts are suggested, adjust to *YOUR* needs! You may need to go higher or lower depending on the weights you have on hand.

I recommend beginners start with 5-10lbs and a light or medium resistance band. Increase reps and/or sets each week to get stronger!

Check in when you're done and let me know how it went!



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