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Total Body HIIT Workout

Missed my Valentine's Day workout? Well you missed out lol, but I'm bringing a little of that fire to this total body HIIT workout!

You don't need any equipment and there are low impact mods for everything! I'll drop them below the photo.

Burpee: Step back into a plank. Step forward. Stand and reach. Can also elevate plank to chair or counter.

Mountain Climber: slow and controlled, elevate to chair, step, bench or counter and step legs out a bit wider to accommodate belly or for more hip mobility

Squat Jump: Squat to calf raise with overhead reach

Jumping Jacks: Side step with sweeping overhead reach.

Have further questions? Drop them in the comments or send me a message! Check in when you're done for accountability.



ps. Don't forget you're always welcome to try a live class with me at Gem Fitness for FREE!

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