• Briana Ottinger

8 Weeks to Growth

Tired of Feeling Anxious & Uncomfortable in your body? Have you tried what seems like every diet & fitness program out there? Have you soaked up all the free content from fitness trainers & influencers but still feel like you just don't get it?

Are you constantly starting a new diet only to quit a few weeks and ultimately beating yourself up for not reaching your goals? If your current program is a mix of things pieced together from Pinterest, YouTube, Insta and maybe a few programs you've paid for but never fully taken advantage of, the problem isn't you.

It can be hard to know the right combo of what to do, and what worked for someone else may not work for you. The missing piece? Accountability from a coach, & support from a community that has had your struggles and come out on the other side.

8 Weeks to Growth isn't just another diet or workout program, it fills in the gaps & gives you the support other programs just don't have.

8 Weeks to Growth will help you:

  • Set and stick to your personal boundaries

  • Eat healthy without bs diets and over restricting

  • Stop self-sabotaging your success and happiness

  • Stay motivated & consistent no matter what life throws at you

You'll receive:

  • An accountability coach (that's me!)

  • 5 live training with experts, check them out below!

  • 3 Small Group Q&A calls with your coach

  • Weekly checkins

  • Accountability emails & texts to keep you on track

  • An amazing & supportive community of like-minded women

  • A meal plan & nutrition coaching overseen by a Registered Dietitian

  • A custom workout plan

Applications are now open through 4/12 and we start April 19th! Apply now at www.gem-fitness.com/8wg

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