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3 Tips for a Successful Week & Free Planner Download

Do you ever wake up on Friday, with a mile long to do list and wonder where the week went? 🤷🏻‍♀️I think we've all been there! The last 2 weeks have been a blur with the holidays and I'm definitely looking forward to having some more structure this week.

Each Sunday, I sit down for 10-20 minutes and write out my week, it's been game changing for getting tasks done and more importantly reducing stress! There's nothing worse than scrambling to make it to an appointment you forgot about or stressing your kids out because they (and you) forgot about a big project they have due.

Having a plan reduces stress by helping you have control over how you're spending your time. In a time where everything feels out of control, its more important than ever to focus on reducing stress and anxiety.

1. Make a plan:

  • Get out your calendar, planner OR print and use the free template below.

  • Write in all of your appointments (work hours, kids school hours, doctors appointments or zoom calls etc). Color code things if necessary to make it easier to read and less overwhelming.

  • Write in what time you will get up and what time you plan to go to bed each day. Bonus: Set these alarms on your phone!

  • Write in your workouts for the week - get specific and write the times and what kind of workout you will be doing. Even if it's a 10 minute walk, put it on the calendar! You can also schedule your free class at Gem Fitness here!

  • Write in a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour for self-care. Spread it out in 10 minute blocks each day if needed.

  • Plan at least 2 dinners for the week. Find the recipe you will use and make a shopping list of any ingredients you need to pick up.

  • Write in any other goals, appointments or things you'd like to accomplish.

Download PDF • 45KB

2. Get Dressed:

  • Lay out your work and/or workout clothes for tomorrow. Even if you work from home, pick out an outfit that makes you feel good!

  • Get dressed up for you, put a bra on, clean underwear, maybe a little lipstick or mascara if that's your thing.

  • How you look directly impacts how you feel!

3. Brain Dump:

  • A million ideas running through your head even after making a plan? Write it all down in your journal or make a voice note to yourself

If you want to be successful, you have to make a plan! Even if you 'don't like to plan' or think you can wing it, I guarantee you'll get more done and be less stressed if you PLAN!

NOTE: If you're currently laid off or furloughed, having a plan is still key! Yes even if you don't have any work appointments to keep, what do you want to do with your week? Time to tackle that pile of laundry? Deep clean the house? Search for jobs? Block out time to do these tasks, time to spend on hobbies etc.

Are you a planner? Or more of a wing it and see type? Either way, try planning this week and let me know how it goes!!



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