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Thanksgiving Tabata Workout

In case you missed the live workout this morning here's a printable and short video of my annual Thanksgiving Turkey Tabata Workout! I kept the classic Thanksgiving food theme from last year but swapped in some new exercises. No equipment is needed for this one and there are no floor exercises. If you have dumbbells or want to add bands or heavy household items to make it more challenging go ahead!

Outfit details: the turkey hat (from target) made a comeback from last year! My Tshirt is from old navy (last year) and the leggings are the aerie offline leggings (I recommend sizing down, mine were sliding down the entire time) but were so soft & comfy!

I used the built-in timers in my fitness app (clients get exclusive access!) for the intervals but you can download "gymboss" for free from the app store. I recommend intervals of 0:20s on/0 :10s off for each exercise with 0:30-0:60 between rounds (3-6 rounds recommended) but feel free to play around with whatever intervals work best for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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