Strong for Summer: Upper Body Stretch

Have you been spending more time than usual hunched over your computer, iPad or phone? If so you may be feeling a lot of tension or even pain in your neck, chest, shoulders & upper back. This stretch sequence may help relieve some of that tension & pain!

It's best to do this stretch when you're a bit warm, so go for a walk first or ease into it slowly. Hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds and repeat several times if needed. Breath slowly and deeply while stretching and avoid bouncing. If you feel sharp or increased pain while stretching back off it. Please note not all stretches are appropriate for everyone, please listen to your body and take only what you need!

You can do this stretch after a workout, as a break during the workday, in the morning, or before bed.

I've also uploaded a video to my TT & YT! Check them out if that's more your style!



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