Plankmas Challenge

Happy December! By popular vote on Instagram, this year's December challenge is a PLANK challenge. Each day for 28 days (with rest days) you'll complete a plank variation for time. Jump to the bottom to download your calendar!

I've used a combination of side planks, full planks and elbow planks, but feel free to do whichever versions work best for you! You can elevate these on a bench, counter, wall, couch, chair or bed. The options for planks are truly ENDLESS which is why they are one of my favorite core & total body exercises.


Traveling & need to skip a day or 3? no problem! Just pick up whenever and wherever you last left off. Not ready to commit until the new year? No problem, the challenge is undated and can be used at any time! Save it to a Pinterest board so you can come back to it later. This challenge is super flexible & guilt-free so if you need extra rest between days take them!!

Need some extra accountability to get it done? Planks are better with friends & can be done literally anywhere. I'd love to see what creative places you do them in, so check-in on Instagram (@brianaottinger) each day for a virtual high five from me! (be sure your profile is public and tag me so I can see your check-ins).

Wondering if your form is ok? or need some help picking the best variation? Send me a video or photo message on IG or for feedback! I also offer 30 and 60 minute personal training, coaching and form check sessions if you'd like to ask me more in depth questions or get feedback on other exercises. You can book a free consult with me where we can discuss what options fit your needs & budget best!

I'll also highlight some plank options on my Instagram stories and save it to the Plankmas highlight if you're not comfortable sending videos.

Planks not your thing? Head to my Bootymas challenge from last year for a 12 day lower body workout challenge to get ya through!

Happy Holidays!



ps. Can you do me a favor and PIN this on Pinterest and/or give me a follow on Instagram or TikTok? Thanks! Your support helps me continue to create free content just like this!!

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