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On the 3rd Day of Bootymas

Bootyclause gave to me: Jump Squats! One of my all time favorite cardio moves and workout finishers. If you're not into jumping for whatever reason, don't worry I've given you 2 low impact modifications.

And the low impact modification is pulse squats, drop into a squat, pulse 2-3 times, come up and repeat.

Another option is to do a squat with a calf raise! Pick your favorite or do a mix of all 3!

Here are the rest of the 12 Days of Bootymas exercises! I'll be posting a video on my IG stories and in my Facebook group "Booty by Bri".

Complete :60 seconds of each days move, plus :60 seconds of the previous day(s) moves! Santa sees you getting in those squats :)



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