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Lettuce Taco 'Bout How to Get a Better Booty FREE 3-Day Challenge

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

To celebrate my Biz turning THREE I'm throwing a Taco Party & sharing my BEST tips to build a better booty without giving up your favorite foods (like tacos!)


What you get:

3 days of Live video training from me, Briana, teaching you exactly how to build a better booty at home & enjoy your favorite foods without extreme dieting or food guilt!

I won't tell you to cut out carbs, do hours of cardio or track every single calorie. #nowayjose **you're name is definitely, probably, not Jose haha

I'll walk you through 3 days of in-depth training to better your booty and up your fitness & nutrition game FOREVER!!! Did I mention there's TACOS & PRIZES ??

This is for you IF:

* You've been struggling with healthy eating or maintaining a fitness routine

* You've ever felt GUILTY for eating tacos (or any food) because you were sure those tacos ruined your progress

* You've tried all the diets and programs out there and you’re sick of all the bullshit

* You're tired of making excuses, skipping workouts & eating like a dick 🍆 and are ready to just take care of yourself already!

The Nitty Gritty aka WHAT TO EXPECT

Each day, you’ll tune in for the Live video training, inside the Briana Ottinger Fitness FB group and then you’ll get an email with key takeaways & worksheets to keep forever!


Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to... - Give up carbs or any of your favorite foods! - Eat a 'do you even lift bro' diet of chicken & broccoli - Sacrifice your life or feel guilty for going out to eat, eating dessert, or scarfing tacos on Taco Tuesday!



LIVE 15-minute Booty Workout inside the Facebook Group (Replay & printable will be emailed!) and/or join me for Booty Bootcamp at Gem Fitness 6:30a PST/ 9:30 a EST (register here)

LIVE Kickoff Taco Tuesday Party & Live Q & A - Join me in the kitchen for a live cooking demo and Q&A

Day 2

LIVE 20-minute Booty & Legs Workout inside the Facebook Group (Replay & printable will be emailed!)

LIVE Training: Ditching the Diet & All or Nothing Mindset! The key to living a healthy lifestyle for years to come is to say GIRL BYE to guilt & shame around food, missing a workout or slipping up!

Day 3

LIVE 20- minute Booty & Abs Workout inside the Facebook Group (Replay & printable will be emailed!) OR join me for Booty Bootcamp at Gem Fitness 5:30 p PST/ 8:30 p EST (register here)

LIVE It's a Lifestyle Baby Training on how to make healthy habits stick at any age!


  • You eat your favorite foods - tacos 🌮, donuts🍩 , pizza🍕 - and live your damn life guilt-free!

  • Your workouts are planned out for the entire week & you ENJOY doing them!

  • You have support and accountability from a coach you know & trust so all your questions get answered!

  • You feel confident in your body and can see & feel it getting stronger every single day!

  • You enjoy eating healthy, exercising, and taking care of your mental health and WANT to do it for life.


Hi! I'm Briana, a personal trainer, health coach & taco connoisseur.

I yo-yo dieted for YEARS and exercised for the sole purpose of losing weight. I hated cardio, I hated eating salads, counting calories, and feeling deprived of my favorite foods. Every time I'd do great for a few weeks, lose a few pounds, and then go ham on a plate of nachos or an entire pizza before giving up for a few weeks. I'd gain the weight back and consistently be looking for the next best diet, magic pill or detox tea that would help me finally love the body I had.

I finally said ENOUGH, when I started training for my first half marathon. I literally couldn't run 6 miles eating 1200 calories a day, (literally no one can survive on this long term!) and started eating to fuel my workouts, aka eating lots of carbs, lots of fruits and veggies & protein. I cared more about my physical performance, how fast & far I could run than I did about wearing a smaller dress size. When you focus on what makes you FEEL good over just LOOKing good it becomes less of a chore and something you can ENJOY.

I started out as a fat loss coach, but after I gave up dieting, I couldn't coach women for fat loss only. I shifted my coaching to focus on movement that you enjoy, strength training, and eating a healthy and balanced diet. It has now become my mission to help women of all ages ditch the yo-yo diets, live a healthy lifestyle, and feel confident in their bodies.

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