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Cash or Trash: TRX

In this new series I'm breaking down the pros and cons of different fitness equipment to let you know if its worth the money! I've bought a lot of different things over the years as a home based personal trainer and while building out my garage gym. Some things have been worth their weight in gold and others have been complete trash. If you're just starting out or looking to build out your home gym, this series will help you invest wisely!

To kick things off let's start with the most versatile, portable, and functional piece of workout equipment I own is my TRX aka a suspension trainer. The workout possibilities are ENDLESS and it's adjustable for all levels & ages. I've used it with elite athlete clients and my senior clients in the gym, at home, and for sessions at Lake Merritt.


  • It's small & portable, perfect for those with limited space or frequent travelers

  • Attaches almost anywhere including most doors, poles, and even trees

  • Endless exercise possibilities & advancements, change the angle for more or less tension

  • Core engagement in every position

  • Improves mobility, flexibility & strength


  • there is somewhat of a learning curve, a session or two with a trainer is helpful to learn the basics

  • It can look intimidating for beginners, but it's easier to use than you think!

  • Knowing how to activate & engage your core is a must

  • those with handgrip strength issues may find it harder to use in certain positions

  • those with chronic back pain/previous back injuries may need to use extra caution

Brands: TRX is the most well-known brand and it's worth the extra money in my opinion. There are other brands out there and even DIY options that may save you a bit of $$ but I've had my TRX for several years and have used it regularly with no problems. The strap adjustment & handles on lower-priced items are not as smooth as the original.

Cost: $149-$300 depending on model and brand

Where to buy: You can purchase from TRX directly, most sporting goods and exercise equipment stores, and on Amazon. Check facebook marketplace or craigslist for used ones, just be sure there's no tearing or fraying in the straps.

Where to try before you buy: Most major gyms have them and smaller studios/crossfit gyms may offer TRX classes.

Workouts to do with it: TRX has an app with a library of workouts & demonstration videos. Youtube has some free options and I offer 60-minute virtual training sessions. It's also great for stretching, warmup and recovery. Check out this youtube video I made a while back. (please note the special offer has expired)

Verdict: Worth your hard-earned cash!!

What piece of equipment should I review next??



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