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Booty & Legs Workout

This at booty & legs workout combines strength training with plyometrics for an intense but quick workout. You can do it at home, at the gym or on the go! If you have a booty band or dumbbells you can add those to make it harder.

I recommend doing 3 rounds of each circuit before moving onto the next circuit. I typically do 00:10 seconds rest between exercises, and 00:30 seconds or less between rounds. If you're more advanced you can do additional rounds or reps. Be sure to warm up before and cool down/stretch after!

If you're just starting out, take your time, and focus on form before adding bands or weights. Have questions? Send me a message

If you find home workouts boring or just aren't pushing yourself like you'd do in a class or at the gym, I teach Booty Bootcamp twice a week at Gem Fitness. I'd love for you to join me for a class if you haven't yet. Register HERE! We now offer 20 classes each week, so there's something for everyone :)

Check in with me on Instagram when you're done with the workout for accountability.



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