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Booty Band Workout

Ok, so I planned this workout for Wednesday but forgot to post lol. It's now Friday, but any day is great day for a free workout am I right or am I right?

Complete 3 (or more) rounds of each circuit for a quick lower body workout or use 1-2 rounds as a warmup for a run or lower body lift day!

If you're new here, I am a huge fan of booty bands! They're a great way to help with squat form, glute engagement, and lower body toning. They're super travel friendly, great for warmups, and can be used in a bunch of ways! Check out my Upper Body Band workout here!

Want to get a peachier booty? Come join me for Booty Bootcamp, every Tuesday and Thursday at Gem Fitness. Your first class is free!



***Disclaimer: to REALLY get a dump truck booty though ya NEED more than a band. You actually need to lift a lot of weight several times a week for months/years AND eat in a caloric surplus. No ifs ands or butts about it!

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