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Benefits of Online Personal Training

There are so many benefits to working with a trainer that I could write a book on it! And I don't just say this because I'm a trainer. I work with coaches, both business and personal, all the time. I invest in myself just like I ask you to invest in yourself, why because everyone can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of others!

6. Constant Support: You have access to your trainer 24/7. Most of the time I see clients in person once or twice per week and then rarely hear from them between sessions. With online coaching, you can message me anytime a question pops up about nutrition, your workout or if you need a little extra support getting it done.

5. Closely Monitored Progress: I know you've completed a workout as soon as you finish it with my app, Trainerize. That means I can see how many sets you did, what weight you used and even your heart rate/calories burned during the workout. I upload your workouts, nutrition plan and goals in one place. You have access to it at anytime right from your smart phone! There's no guessing whether or not you did your workout or hit your nutrition goals.

4. Train Anytime: With online training, you can train on your own time, at your convenience, and without the worry of having to meet someone at the gym. Be it 3am or 3pm, there's no stress of keeping an appointment with someone every week. Making it work on your terms makes it more manageable long term.

3. Train Anywhere: In home, at the gym or in your hotel room. Workouts are adjusted every 2-4 weeks, especially helpful if you're a frequent traveler. A huge exercise library means one week you can hit the gym and the next you can workout on the beach or in your hotel room with zero equipment.

2. Budget Friendly: Personal training can be expensive AF and people are always looking to save money. While one hour in person with me will run you close to $100 these days you can work with me virtually for as low as a few dollars per day. Sure you could always find free programs online, but there is no customization, no accountability, and no 1:1 support. Not to mention with no skin in the game you're less likely to stick with it. Obesity related diseases like diabetes can cost as much as $37/day or over $13,000 per year, where as high end online personal training/coaching runs you about $6,000/year. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that investing in your health can save you a ton!

1. It's GREAT for your Health: The number one benefit to working with a trainer online is improved health. Exercise can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk for diabetes and heart disease, reduce cholesterol, reduce weight, increase strength, reduce stress, and improve mental health.

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