All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is glute gains! Ha ha, I can't be the only one right?? I know there are a lot of 12 Days of Fitmas and monthly challenges out there, but I had to put my own spin on this one and make it all about that bass.


What is the 12 Days of Bootymas Challenge??

Each day, for 12 days I'll post a new glute building exercise for you to complete. On day 1 you'll do day 1's exercise. On day 2 you'll do day 1 and day 2. For day 3, you'll do all exercise for days 1-3 and so for 12 days.

When Does it Start?

We kick off on December 7th!

Who's it for?

You, your friends, your family, your coworkers, anyone with a booty!

What do I need?

Nada! This is a no equipment all levels challenge. If you want to add a booty band or weights to this you can, but all exercises are body weight exercises. A mat or towel is helpful for the floor exercises.

How long will it take?

Just 1 minute on the first day, building by 1 minute each day (plus a few seconds to rest between exercise) and 12 minutes (plus rest) on the last day!

How will you know I did it?

For accountability, join me inside the Booty by Bri Facebook group, and post a video of yourself completely the daily moves! And because it's Christmas, you'll be entered to win prizes (TBD) if you complete all 12 days!

Here's your exercise for DAY 1!

Be sure to check in on Facebook once you've completed this on Monday! I'll be posting exercises for days 2, 3, and 4 on Monday. If you haven't already subscribe now so you don't miss a post!



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