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Self Love is the BEST Love

Self Love is the BEST Love! Happy Valentine's Day! (or Galentine's if you prefer!) I know it's not everyone's favorite holiday, tbh I used to HATE it, but it's a great time to show yourself some love!

You don't need a partner to treat yourself to a spa night at home, write yourself a love letter, or open that expensive bottle of wine you've been saving for a special occasion. YOU are the special occasion! Buy yourself flowers, fancy chocolates or a new workout 'fit if you're into gifts or take 5 mins and say nice things to yourself.

The best relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself. I know being single can be tough AF, it took me a WHILE to find Mr. Right, but showing myself love and kindness really helped me be a better partner when I did find him.

If you've been feeling lonely or just not yourself, it's normal. We've all been through a lot in the last year, and we're not out of the woods yet. Love starts with you, so I ask what can you do this weekend to show yourself a little extra love?!

Here's some suggestions:

1. Move your body! Go for a walk, do a yoga flow, or join me for True Love Tabata tomorrow 2/13 @10am pst / 1pm est! Register HERE

2. Do something you love! Do you love to read? knit? do crafts? paint? hike? schedule a few minutes several times this next week to do that!

3. Watch the sunrise or sunset! I find this so calming, and the sunsets have been absolute fire here lately. How calming is this?

4. Have a dance party! Blast your favorite songs and dance around the house or jump on your bed! ( be careful of course!) My friend Natalie made this playlist for our live workout tomorrow and it's full of jams! Check it out:

5. Take a road trip or day trip! We all have that place we love to go that's just a bit too far away, that we put off. For example, I only live about an hour from the beach but I rarely go bc there's just too much to do. Well blow off your responsibilities for the day (it is the weekend after all) and head out on an adventure!

I know these may seem like simple everyday things, but if you've been putting off self care for too long, this is your sign to treat yourself! and honestly, the simplest form of self-care is saying NO, protect that energy babe and spend some time on you.

Happy Valentine's Day!!



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