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5 Tips to Slay the Sunday Scaries

According to a survey on NBC News, 76% of Americans reported having "really bad" Sunday night anxiety. YIKES. I'm guessing that you're part of the 76%, I know I was when I worked your typical 9-5. I dreaded Monday's with every ounce of my existence. It wasn't until I changed my mindset and started implementing these tips that I was able to look forward to a new week. You read that right, I look forward to Mondays!

Here are my top FIVE tips to make Sunday Scaries a thing of the past:

1) Make a Plan: Write down your most important appointments, goals, schedule workouts and self care time. I like to do this on a piece of paper, then schedule into my iCal, but do what's easiest for you. Having everything laid out in front of me helps me see where I have extra time and helps me better plan ahead for those busy days.

2) Lay It Out: Set out your workout & work clothes for Monday and Tuesday. Having things ready to go in the morning means less stress and time to actually sip and enjoy my coffee. Everything from socks, undies, shoes and accessories. This helps me avoid wearing mismatched socks or forgetting shoes, nothing like having to wear your shower slides or house slippers all day.

3) Meal Prep: You either love it or you hate it, but it saves so much time and money during the week. I have things down to a science now, it rarely takes me more than an hour. Not sure where to start? My Whole30 Meal Plan or Body Confident Fitness Challenge lays out every meal for up to 6 weeks for you, with tips to make meal prep a breeze.

4) Journal: Write down what's stressing you out, often writing it down makes me realize how trivial it is. Simply jotting down a few things you're thankful for, can also help you reset. Meditating and reading also helps me calm my mind down before bed allowing me to rest better and wake up refreshed Monday morning.

5) Go to Bed Early: Stress messes with our sleep, and lack of sleep Sunday night will not make Monday any easier. Find a wind down routine, turn off your phone 30 minutes before bed and if you still have trouble falling asleep, consider a talk with your doctor about a supplement like magnesium, CBD or melatonin.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you find helpful to make Sunday Scaries a thing of the past? Let me know! Don't forget to Pin and Share with a friend.