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5 Minute Core Workouts

Oops you did it again. Whether you woke up late, hit snooze too many times, or scrolled Instagram for too long, your 30-minute workout window is now less than 10 minutes. You're probably thinking you should just skip it today. I'm here to tell you that even 5 minutes is better than nothing, so roll out of bed and squeeze in one of these 5 core workouts for a quick energy boost. BONUS: No sit-ups required!


Repeat 2x

:30 Mountain Climber

:30 Dead Bug

:30 Plank

:30 Lying Straight Leg Raise

:30 Rest


Repeat 2x

:30 Toe Tap

:30 Bear Crawl

:30 Bicycle Crunches

:30 Plank Jacks

:30 Rest


Repeat 2x

:30 Crossbody Mountain Climber

:30 Plank Walkouts

:30 Alternating Bird Dog

:30 Side Plank, Right

:30 Side Plank, Left


Repeat 2x

:30 Plank Shoulder Taps

:30 Scissors

:30 Russian Twists

:30 Plank to Pike

:30 Rest


Repeat 2x

:30 Standing Oblique Crunch

:30 Good Mornings

:30 Warrior Balance, Right

:30 Warrior Balance, Left

:30 Standing Bicycle

Bookmark these FIVE workouts for a quick core workout on those days when you only have a few minutes or need a fiery end to a longer workout. A strong core goes beyond aesthetics by making everyday tasks like tying your shoes, sitting and standing, lifting, twisting, and even vacuuming easier. Working your core will also improve balance, stability, and posture. Add 1-2 of these workouts per week to start. Don't forget to tag me in your sweaty selfies and pin or share with a friend!

Disclaimer: If you have back problems, are pregnant, recently had a baby or suffer from diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal wall), or have trouble getting up or down from the floor, workout #5 is a standing workout that is generally safe for these conditions. As always stop if you have pain, or speak with your physician if you have concerns about whether or not these exercises are safe for you.

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