30-Day Plank Challenge

Hey & Happy Pumpkin Spice & plank season! I don't know about you, but fall is a season where I crave challenges & a little extra accountability. With cooler weather & all the comfort foods, motivation to workout might not be as strong, so my solution is to offer you FUN & FREE challenges and workouts to make "fall"ing into a fitness routine a little easier.

Let's kick off the start of the fall season with a 30-day plank challenge. I run this challenge a few times a year with my private training clients and it's always a favorite. This challenge is perfect if you're new to planking or just want to get better at it. You can start this challenge at any time, and it only takes a minute or two each day.

What happens if you do a plank every day for 30 days? You might experience some or all of the following benefits!

  1. Improved core strength: planks engage all major muscle groups including the transverse abdominus (helps you lift heavier weights!), the rectus abdominus (improved sports performance), the external obliques (improved side bends & twists), and the glutes (back support & booty gains!).

  2. Decreased back pain & reduced chance of injury. Your core is quite literally what helps hold your body up, supports the spine, and protects vital organs. A strong core often leads to a lesser chance of injury and reduced pain.

  3. Improved balance. Ever feel like you're just super clumsy or more prone to falling? A weak core could be to blame! While your legs do play into this, having a strong core and knowing how to engage it can improve balance on uneven and slippery surfaces

To get your copy of the challenge drop your email below and a copy will be sent to you right away. Be sure to print it out & post it on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, or in your home gym. You can do elbow plank, full plank, or use this to work on your side plank, or more advanced options.

Top 5 Tips for Success:

  1. Variations: Make it easier: if maintaining a full plank for the time listed is difficult, break it up into 2-4 smaller time blocks. Make it harder: do multiple reps (2-4) of the time listed.

  2. You can elevate to a block, bench, chair, counter, or wall if desired

  3. Breathe! it's really important to continue to breathe throughout the movement.

  4. Think about pulling your belly button up away from the floor, while also pushing the floor away with your hands & feet.

  5. It's better with a friend! Send this challenge to a friend and do it together for extra accountability.

Be sure to tag me in your plank photos @brianaottinger & let's get this plank party started!

xoxo, Briana

PS. My super popular BOO-ty boot camp will be back with an all-new playlist & spooky squat variations to work your booty! Make sure you're subscribed to get all the updates on registration delivered right to your inbox.

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